Before the ocean and the earth appeared — before the skies had overspread them all— the face of Nature in a vast expanse was naught but Chaos uniformly waste. It was a rude and undeveloped mass, that nothing made except a ponderous weight; and all discordant elements confused, were there congested in a shapeless heap. Ovid - Metamorphoses, I 5-9.

Erupting from the Void, all life was created in a rampant confused force of energy, power, and mass. This series, completed during a residency at Takt Berlin investigates the forces that underpin existence. The works were inspired by mythology (particularly Greek), physics, Chaos Theory, Big Bang Theory, nature and fractals. I sought to unleash all of this extensive research and inspiration onto the paper and create images without overall direction. I became an instrument of Chaos - riding the lightning of creation.


This series was completed during a residency at the Motley Bauhaus (late 2018) in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. Created after a long absence from my art practice and during a time of deep introspection and contemplation of human existence.

From within the self, discovering the universal.


Anatomy explores what it means to be human physically, mentally, spiritually. Confronting the biology of our being as an opportunity to look in the mirror and consume and process what is within us all.

Morpheus - The Sandman

This series focuses on the Oneiroi; a group of Greek gods who govern different aspects of our dreams. They are; Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos.

From the Ether