My work uses dark, manipulated and surreal subjects and imagery to explore within the human psyche and condition. My art takes a deep dive into what truly stimulates and constitutes humanity. My work is often intense, even disturbing. This is intended to illicit emotion and, hopefully, thought. I am not aiming for shock, but a meaningful response to the work.

My work employs themes such as the fantastical imagery of dreams and nightmares, death and mortality, consciousness, and the human body. This subject matter is based on the real and tangible, then manipulated, warped and altered into imagery similar to hallucinations and dreams. I am interested in the dark and disturbing imagery within ourselves and reflecting this back onto the viewer – like looking in a mirror. Often this is a mirror we don’t seek out, or respond well to. However, this deeper layer is richer and more profound.

My work is informed by mythology, psychology and anatomy. Western culture is steeped in ideas of Greek mythology, surreal and visionary art and classical life drawing and anatomical life drawing. My current work investigates what’s inside us physically, mentally and emotionally and how these are linked. We are bound by our bodies, but also govern them. We can grow or degenerate in profound ways. I am interested in creating art that inspires contemplation of human potential and the future. Such inspiration comes from the work of visionary artist Alex Grey and the band Tool. 

My work is exclusively in monochrome in order to create a more sombre and serious tone. Colour can be distracting and uplifting. Colour adds life and reality to art. I do not intend to depress, or sadden viewers, but allow them to more immediately contemplate the ideas inherent within the work.

I seek to make art relevant to people. Too often I, and people I have known, find much of contemporary art distant, difficult and find no connection or response with work. I hope to create work that speaks to many people. It is important to create art that is personal to as many people as possible. I ask people to look within themselves as they view my art. We all dream, we all carry darkness, we all die, and we all must navigate our own difficult psyches. However, we all have the potential for growth, contemplation and renewal.